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What Make Pikes Peak stand out?


At Pikes Peak Coaching & Consulting, I start all of our work with the CliftonStrengths assessment (formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder). CliftonStrengths is based on over 50 years of research on what comes naturally to an individual. It’s a powerful assessment tool that identifies the unique way that you think, get work done, interact with and influence others. 

While there are several personality assessments available online, CliftonStrengths is more of a development tool and provides a much more personalized report for you. Only 1 in 33 million people will have the same top 5 that you have in the same order and the chance of two people with the same top 5 in any order is 1:278,000. So unlike the majority of the personality assessments, your CliftonStrengths report is distinctly YOU! 

Just like people, each mountain peak is unique and Pikes Peak has become one of the most iconic mountain tops in the United States. It is not the tallest of the 14er’s in Colorado, but it is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It’s distinctive shape can be seen for nearly 80 miles in all directions and is the inspiration for the song America the Beautiful. The Barr Trail leading to the top of Pikes Peak is the longest of any trails leading to the top of the 54 mountains in Colorado that are over 14,000 feet. And rising nearly 8000 feet above the city of Colorado Springs, it has the greatest base to summit elevation gain of any mountain in Colorado. Pikes Peak stands out among all the rest, so should you!

Over 19 million people have taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to date. But taking the assessment is only the first step, to truly reach your Peak Potential you need a coach.  As one of just over 1400 registered Gallup Certified Coaches in the US, I will help you identify your innate talents and teach you how to get them to work for YOU! 

As with climbing any mountain, success comes not only at the top, but many times along the way. Through coaching you will discover ways to use your strengths to work through challenges to achieve your goals and how to build better teams and partnerships with others that are productive and mutually supportive. Just like an athletic coach, I will support you in honing your strengths and encourage you on the journey to the top. 

It is my goal to help everyone identify and use their natural talents and strengths to reach their Peak Potential and let them stand out amongst the crowd! 

Everyone needs a coach on their  

journey to Peak Potential!