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Before CliftonStrengths coaching with A’Lisa Tello, I was not aware of the talents that came naturally to me.  I was constantly trying to “fix” places where I struggled and label them as “areas of improvement.”  Through unlocking my talents and receiving monthly coaching sessions with A’Lisa, I learned to focus on utilizing my individual talents to achieve success in my personal and professional relationships.  As a young professional, this helped me become more confident in my career, and even receive promotions which involved supervising staff.  Pikes Peak Coaching & Consulting helped develop me into a stronger leader and gave me the skills to create well balanced teams and recognize the individual strengths of each team member.  I constantly refer to my Top 5 Strengths and the Strengths of my team members as a way to ensure that everyone is feeling valued in the workplace.  I highly recommend A’Lisa’s coaching services because it will strengthen both your personal and professional growth and help you create stronger relationships!

Kelly Merkl
Senior Director of Youth Initiatives, Special Olympics NC



Understanding oneself is one of the most valuable lessons that many have overlooked. Learning that caring and dependability was a strength of mine allowed me to grow as a student leader.  I could see how hard I worked towards making something small happen just because I knew that people were counting on me.  Knowing my strengths helped me be more confident in what I was working towards, allowed me to build on it, and help guide peers in recognizing their strengths as well.  As a strong-willed teen on the rise, A’Lisa was able to coach me in the right direction using my own personal experiences. Honestly, sometimes it was crazy how we could be talking about something so small that was a part of my day and then she was able to turn it around to a learning experience about a strength of mine.  My favorite part of her coaching was how she would lead me, but without directly giving me the answer because I want to feel accomplished and discover it on my own (Achiever is one of my strengths).  Her guidance has given me the ability to approach situations with confidence and using my talents to my advantage.  

Sarah Holleman

Swim Coach, Reeves Community Center 

For the past five years I have struggled to find employment that is a good fit for me.  When I interviewed for a new position, I had no idea how to simultaneously interview the company to ensure that I would be a good fit there.  Worse, I wasn't even sure what would be a good fit for me!  After taking the CliftonStrengths assessment, Lacey at Pikes Peak Coaching was able to help me verbalize what type of environment would accentuate my strengths and help find success and accomplishment in the workplace.  With coaching under my belt, I was able to not only find a position for which I am well suited in an environment where I am thriving, but also gained the confidence to negotiate a 30% raise over my previous position!  

Jennifer Wallace

Finance Specialist